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vodka connecting people parody of nokia tshirt intelligent inside parody of intel inside logo don't touch parodies of von dutch brand
Already a classic one, you certainly already know this one ! 'VODKA connecting people' parody of Nokia
'Intelligent inside' tshirts for smart geeks !
Tshirts with Don't touch, parody of Von Dutch
teeshirt fedup parody of fedex tshirts careful instead of Carrefour tshirt design not dutch parodies of von dutch brand
The tshirts FedUp, parodies of FedEx You certainly know the stores Carrefour, but do you know the Careful ones ? Another parody of Von Dutch: Not Dutch
tshirt hell kitty and not hello kitty t shirts air trance parody of the brand and logos of Air France shirts Just did it, Nike parody Just do it
Tshirts Hell Kitty, the dark side of Hello Kitty The Air France parody: Air Trance Just did it ! The Nike's 'Just do it' parody
just done it, another Nike's parody t shirt gasoil, the Diesel parody the tshirts nada, the parody of Nasa
Another Nike parody Gasoil, the Diesel parody Nada (nothing in spanish), the Nasa parody
pizza hurts, the pizza hut parody Stop wars tshirt, the Star Wars parody fuck, the calvin klein tshirts parody
The tshirts Pizza hurts: do not eat too much pizzas Stop Wars, the peaceful 'Star Wars' parody fuCK, the Calvin Klein parody

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